Runcheng wooden door teaches you how to identify the quality of the original wooden door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-17
The development of the original wooden door industry is getting bigger and bigger, and many new wooden doors with new design technologies are beginning to come into the eyes of consumers. It is precisely because the market is beginning to grow that some illegal businesses are beginning to be full of confidence in consumers, many consumers are also damaged by their rights and interests. It is not uncommon for businesses to cheat consumers with shoddy behavior, but consumers who lack professional knowledge of original wooden doors are often cheated. The following is a wooden door for the majority of consumers to supplement professional knowledge. The weight of the original wooden door with normal frame structure is about. For wooden doors made of different woods, some woods with higher density can reach 60- More than, below the basic weight can be said to be filled with other materials, the general impurity material is not this weight. In the process of selecting the original wooden door, the thickness of the door must be wiped. The sound is heard by knocking on the surface of the wooden door. If the sound is even and dull, the door is very thick. The wood quality is very good and the density is very high, the higher the proportion of solid wood in wooden doors, the more dull the sound of wooden doors will be. The more dull this door is a raw wooden door made of pure logs. The beautiful patterns generally cover the eyes of consumers, don't be fooled by this beautiful appearance pattern line, forget the connotation of the wooden door itself-Wood. Paint and paint processing is the last and most important link in the original wooden door process. The quality of paint directly affects the overall quality of the original wooden door, and paint also occupies a large part of the cost of the original wooden door. Paint categories mainly include phenolic paint, polyurethane paint, alkyd paint, nitrocellulose paint, polyester paint and Pu paint. The phenolic paint and alkyd paint here have been eliminated early in the home decoration building materials because the texture and adhesion of the paint film are not very good, the most used is the Pu paint used on the high-end furniture of nitrocellulose paint and polyester paint. Because the nitrocellulose paint is not difficult to operate, it can be used for manual operation and is used by most hand-made decorative wood, however, its paint film is thin, its hand feeling is not very good, and its effect is not very good. The taste of the original wooden door has his special taste. Even after the paint is processed, this natural smell cannot be covered. For example, the pine has the taste of turpentine, and the Cypress has a light fragrance, cedar has spicy flavor, camphor wood has obvious camphor flavor, while synthetic materials have a large number of other smells, such as formaldehyde. Quality, check the time to buy wooden doors, first of all to check whether the wooden door has the quality certificate issued by the state. In addition to the quality certificate, it is also accompanied by instructions on materials, layout, quality and performance. Wooden doors that conform to the national environmental protection regulations must be accompanied by a certificate of product identification marked by China. Environmentally friendly wooden doors must have a green order mark with a Chinese condition mark.
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