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[China Door and Window Network] When decorating a house, many people will consider what kind of interior door to use the most suitable home style, but in the basic case, the wooden door will be selected in the end, but now there are many kinds of wooden doors on the market, every time you visit building materials. The market can be dazzled by people. In order to solve the problem of everyone's difficulty in picking up the door, here is a brief introduction to the four most popular wooden doors on the market to see what advantages they have. When you buy, you can know what you are.

First, the paint-free solid wood composite door

As the concept of environmental protection continues to update, and more and more owners are beginning to realize the seriousness of home decoration pollution, the paint-free solid wood composite door has become very hot, just like his name, because there is no paint, it does not exist. Formaldehyde pollution does not pollute the environment. The series of paint-free wooden doors that Shimutfang listed this year, the environmental protection reached E0 level, very healthy and reliable.

The price of the lacquer-free wooden door is not high. Generally, it can be installed around 1000, and it can be installed. The color of the lacquer-free wooden door is numerous. Because it is a paint surface, some shortcomings of the wood itself can be directly covered.

The only drawback is that the paint-free board is easily damaged by moisture and there is no way to repair it. Therefore, it is best to choose a well-known brand when selecting the paint-free wooden door. They usually have a waterproof and moisture-proof layer before handling the finish, which can ensure the wooden door is more durable.

Second, painted solid wood composite door

Baking varnish is a traditional craft lacquered home bedroom door is a wooden door painted by the door factory, then baked in the baking room, and then repeat the above steps until the color looks bright and full, feels skin-friendly, so the process requirements are Very complicated, the construction period will become very long.

Because of the repeated painting process, the painted solid wood composite door is also very durable, and can be repaired even if it is damaged during use. The price is generally concentrated around 1500~2500. If you add carving or other, it may be more expensive.

Third, the solid wood door

As a high-end consumer goods in the door, solid wood doors have the highest added value, and many middle and high-end customers have adopted solid wood doors as the first choice for home decoration. The natural wood grain texture and color of the solid wood door is undoubtedly the best choice for families who admire the return to nature. It is more and more popular among residents.

Since ancient times, solid wood doors have revealed a warmth, not only the appearance is gorgeous, the carving is exquisite, and the styles are diverse. These characteristics are important reasons for solid wood doors to stand in the middle and high-end market. With the increase in consumer income and the stimulus policies adopted by the state, the solid wood door will occupy a place in the future wooden door market, and the market space will become larger and larger.

Fourth, steel doors

Steel-wood doors were gradually developed in China in 2007. With the deep understanding of steel-wood door products and the continuous improvement of product technology and appearance, steel-wood door products can be said to stand firm in China. Its environmentally friendly performance is an important reason why consumers like him. With the deepening of the concept of 'low carbon', environmentally friendly products will surely become popular in the future market, and steel-wood doors as the leader in environmentally friendly products are becoming more and more popular over time~

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