How to match household wooden doors?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-20

as the first door to enter the house, the entrance door is a barrier to isolate the indoor and outdoor atmosphere, and is also a bridge between indoor and outdoor. It plays an important role in protecting the safety and privacy of family members. Therefore, safety, thickness and composure are the qualities that must be possessed by the entrance door. At the same time, a strong anti-theft high-quality door lock is also essential.

The bedroom is a place for meditation and cultivation. It needs a quiet, warm and private space atmosphere, therefore, it is necessary for the bedroom door to have good sound insulation performance, weak light transmission and solid characteristics.

The study is a place with strong cultural atmosphere. The door of the book door should choose a door type with good sound insulation, good light transmission and strong design sense, if it is equipped with frosted glass decorated with Oracle, or wooden door with ancient window edge pattern, it can produce simple and elegant book fragrance.

children's room is a space for children to rest and study. People are more cautious when decorating children's room, children's doors must pay attention to environmental protection, sound insulation, decorative effect and safety factor. It is parents' greatest wish to provide children with a safe and comfortable living environment.

The door type with waterproof and good sealing should be selected for the kitchen door, so as to effectively block the lampblack generated during cooking, such as glass wooden doors with sandblasting patterns or semi-transparent.

The bathroom door mainly focuses on factors such as privacy and water resistance, in addition to the full solid wood door with unique materials, you can also choose the full frosted semi-glass door with fashionable design.

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