long-held character home on big block in premier manly road

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-23
Your own artist in Manly\'s nest.
Source: The House of suplieda characters is located on Manley\'s largest land and has been the home of a colorful artist for decades.
The late Umberto Lavezzari was trained in Genova and had the eclectic style of Picasso.
He and his wife Carmela loved the California bungalow located in Dongshan and were keen to respect the style of the house built in 1930.
Ravizarif said he sold many paintings and held several exhibitions.
A book about his life and work was published in Italy this year.
Late Lavezzari Umberto.
Source: News Limitedbedroom double-
The bricklayer is still full of his original works, most of which are in the style of Cubism and modernism.
Now at 37 Manly Road, Manly will be auctioned on Saturday, September 15 with an auction guide of $3. 95 million.
What is special about this property is that it is located on the 695sqm land of Manley Dongshan and is the best in the suburbs-
It is regarded as a street.
With the approval of the Council, there is also potential for development.
Adam Moore, Agent for Stone Real Agent, said the solid house has high ceilings, large rooms and an original fireplace.
Carmela Lavezzari is at her role home in Manly.
Source: sandstone base of Australian news group and double
Brick building.
Source: The widow of supliedlavezzari said that although he is a thoughtful artist and passionate about his art, he is also very practical and he has become
The whole house was painted green when the couple bought it in 1992.
It took a year to remove modern paint before the House recovered its darknesswood colour.
Our house is on a sandstone foundation.
The French doors are original, with complex lead-light designs on the glass and repeated designs on the windows.
The front is a covered porch that leads to the formal living room with the original fireplace, slab railing and plaid ceiling.
Another French door leads from the living room to the formal dining room, which makes this a wonderful double room for a party. The room is 4.
7 m long, flowing into the compact kitchen.
Peaceful backyard close to two beaches.
Source: Leisure family rooms and terraces overlooking the Northwest-
Facing back garden.
The master bedroom is in front of the house and there are two bedrooms next to the main bathroom.
The second bathroom is under the house with laundry, storage and double garage.
Dongshan is one of the main addresses of Manly, which is close to Little Manly Beach and Manly ski club.
The street\'s record is $11 million on a piece of land on the same road.
The neighborhood is a little larger than Mrs. Lavezzari\'s, and her area is 695sqm.
All three houses on the street sold more than $6 million.
Mrs. Lavezzari said the house has been loved for many years and is close to everything Manly can offer.
Her husband is gone and she is looking for something smaller now.
She wants to know how to deal with all of his amazing works of art.
Original Publishing Art parents-
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