resolve to make your home a safer place to age in 2019

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-01
At least once a week, my next door gets an alert.
A car was damaged or a parcel was snatched from the porch.
I live in a typical single family.
In a medium family
Yes, we have more criminal areas-
Easier to happen than others, but there doesn\'t seem to be a region that can be protected from such crimes, and in the long run some additional security measures can be rewarded by discouraging cheaters from the start.
Every year, new gadgets appear in the market, and they promise to make our lives better in some way.
I don\'t know about your things, but I tend to be skeptical about most of them, because they seem to offer \"better\" services at the expense of \"simplicity, or beg me to solve the problem I don\'t have.
However, I tend to revisit some of the products and suggestions that offer a way to make life safer, especially for those over 60 and who plan to stay at home
Here are a few tips from CSS research experts on how to make your home a safer place in 2019: protect your home.
Most criminals don\'t pick locks.
They enter the home through unlocked doors and windows, lift sliding glass doors from the track, force the use of weak locks, or use unauthorized keys.
You can fix the sliding glass door in several ways: Place a broom or other wood on the lower track to prevent the door from sliding, install an aluminum \"charley bar\" at the waist height \", or modify your door by drilling a bolt in.
All these methods will prevent the thieves from opening the door in disorder.
Evaluate all doors leading to your property to replace weak, outdated locks for stronger, safer locks.
When you check the locks, evaluate them for installation on the door.
The outer doors should be strong enough to withstand the people who are trying to break through them.
Make sure your outer door is solid wood or foam-
Filled metal for outward
Swing the door to make sure there are no hingesremovable pins.
Protect the windows by making them difficult to pry.
Most thieves and thieves do not want to break the glass.
There are a lot of windows that can be opened easily-safer for thieves (! ).
Unless you live in an area that guarantees additional safety by installing steel bars or unbreakable glass windows, the windows that are securely locked may be sufficient, especially on the second floor.
Block other channels.
Evaluate your garage door and make sure it\'s safe from inside. Installing a U-
Internal bolts or padlocks can be easily done by having the handyman drill a few holes in the track.
However, when using an electronic door opener, you need to make sure that these locks are not in place, so this is a good system to use mainly when sleeping at night or going out.
Window air conditioning can be fixed by installing a piece of wood on the top of the window sill.
Make sure any other exterior doors are solid.
Remember: don\'t block any escape routes!
Consider the alarm.
Alerts can greatly increase the deterrence of criminals and the protection of your property.
However, they are expensive and inconvenient.
Deciding whether to install the system depends on many factors: there are quite a few new devices on the market today that can replace the old system, and many of them are good for operationit-yourselfers.
However, unless you want to monitor the activity yourself, they will still offer a subscription service if you think you have an intruder.
If you are interested in exploring this area, please check the Amazon Echo (
Also known as \"Alexa \")
Home security systems for Google Home and Comcast Xfinity.
They retail for about $100. $150.
But you can spend more money on them and other high
Technology equipment such as cameras, sensors and alarms.
There are also video doorbell on the market today.
Winkand Tend is the most popular. These install-it-yourself (or hire a tech-savvy handyman)
When any activity is detected in the area around the current door, the system will text you on your smartphone.
If someone rings the bell, your smartphone will buzz and you can let the caller know you\'re coming or tell them to roll away and they\'re taking pictures.
All technical security systems are very complex, but simplicity is the best in most cases.
You may not want or need to monitor and adjust the keyboard frequently-
Cameras and sensors are enabled throughout the hotel.
Today\'s technology can be our friend in terms of family safety, but it\'s easy to get carried away.
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