home where jeff bezos started amazon comes to market for $1.5 million

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-25
The home of Bellevue (near Seattle)
Jeff Bezos spent hours at garagebuilding, the first phase of Amazon\'s listing this week, asking for $1.
0. 488 billion, The Seattle Times reported.
The house has been heavily rebuilt since Bezos rented it in 1994, but Bezos\'s famous garage is still intact.
Think that\'s why he became No.
The first start on Forbes\'s list of billionaires.
\"We still have Jeff Bezos ordering oversized mailboxes for all these directories,\" said listing agent Pat Sullivan . \".
Sullivan has taken the mailbox down for safekeeping so it won\'t be stolen, but it will be communicated with the sale.
\"This is something to be sure.
Sullivan said: \"The price of the house is in the local market, although they did not increase the premium for Amazon\'s price --
Relevant historical buyers have been very interested, so they have implemented the quotation deadline at 8: 00 on Monday, February 18. m.
Pacific Standard Time
Its historical moments have even become part of the list photos, with arrows pointing to the garage that say, \"the birthplace of Amazon \". \" The three-bed, two-
The bathroom has a huge large room with ceiling made of pine trees, skylight and ariver rock fireplace with open kitchen next to the living room space.
In addition, there is extra dining table space next to the double doors opened at the back.
1,500 square feet in the fifthof-an-
Lot of artisan acre-
Stylish house has a large backyard with hot tub and grill.
The fire pit on the other side of the hot tub is not visible in this photo.
Look at one of the bedrooms.
There is also a large bathroom with double vanity.
This is the last look at the house from the outside, as well as its large front yard.
For more information and photos, please go to the list page via agent Pat Sullivan.
Go here for details of the Amazon campus near D.
C, including the average salary of $150,000.
For the house of another tech star, see the home of the future
The founder of Teslalived has been around for a while, but is now available for $4. 5 million.
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