jack knox: sears shuts doors for last time in capital region

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-13
When sear opened on Monday as the last day of the hillside mall retailer, only a few customers were waiting. Not like Oct.
19, when hundreds of people poured in as close-out sale began.
There are not many items to buy by Monday.
The bones have been picked clean in the past few months.
At the entrance, a row of thin hangers is enclosed outside the barren area of the sales floor;
It looks like a large tree on the edge.
A winter hat with fake fur on a table costs $5.
Belts, hoses and air filters for various household appliances are arranged on the other.
Some goods-
Snowballing, snow blowerToy launch
Victoria seems to be more suitable than Victoria, which may be the reason why they haven\'t been snapped up yet.
Still, it is expected that every item will disappear by the end of the day, with Searle becoming the last retailer in the capital.
The same is true of Sears department store in Nanaimo.
Hillside shops will be open to those looking for fixtures
Shelves, glass display cabinets, etc-
Another 10 days or so, but after that, the name of Sears Canada will only be remembered.
Peter Lunt found it difficult to reconcile the scene.
Others may be looking for bargains (
Under a sign that says \"Please help yourself understand the history of Sears\", a serious-
Looks like the man is stuffing dozens of hangers into a big plastic bag)
But Lunt is looking for something else.
He served as manager of the chain from 1957 to 1972, most of which used to open the Simpsons --
Sears stores, as they knew at the time, so watching the shops on the hillside close was like adding another bookstore.
In the glorious years, the Sears empire seems to be a permanent and ubiquitous presence on the north-south border.
\"It\'s unbelievable how big it is and how strong it is,\" Lunt said . \".
What happened in Sears Canada reflected Sears\'s experience in the United States. S.
There, he said, professional competitors began to help themselves get the pie ready.
Where this chain once dominated the \"hard line --
Hardware, paint, stove, hot water tank, roof-
It lost to companies like Home Depot.
Sleep countries have a large share of the bedding industry. And on and on.
\"Retail has become more specialized,\" Lunt said . \"
\"You can\'t be omnipotent for all.
\"Sears Canada applied for creditor protection in June, and many reasons have been raised. Low-
Some say cost competitors like Wal-Mart.
Others say a hedge fund manager is squeezing the company\'s cows.
Some people blame online shopping
The height of irony, as the legendary catalogue of Searle-
The company\'s business model is the pioneer of Amazon Tesla.
The last concept, Sears should be thought of brick as a canary in a coal mine --and-
Mortar businesses that deal with online competition are discounted by David Ian Gray of DIG360 Consulting.
\"It didn\'t help, but that\'s not why Sears wasn\'t there,\" he said on Monday . \".
He cited the leader\'s revolving door, failing to respond to the rise of those large box retailers, the lack of investment by the chain\'s American owners, and the panic response to Target\'s acquisition of Zellers leasing in 2011 was a bigger factor.
It is also worth noting that a dig of 360-
Leger research on Canadian fashion
Last year\'s shopping habits showed that 65 of Sears\'s shoppers were over 45 years old, \"We know that at this age, fashion consumption began to fall sharply.
Sears is not just another company. The 65-year-
The old chain resonated with the Canadian pop culture, which is why its decline was chosen as the Canadian news business story in 2017. Its customers (
Even before)
Feel the connection
Maybe that\'s why so many employees stick to it, even if it\'s $260.
The gap in millions of pension funds has deterred many people.
Of the 110 employees at the hillside store, only a few pulled the plug in advance. (
If there is a glimmer of hope at the close, it is the second time that big Victoria is experiencing Canada.
The unemployment rate is the lowest.
This will make it easier to find new jobs. )
At present, it is not known what will happen to the space occupied by Sears department store, which was the main tenant of the hillside center when it opened in 1969.
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