the ultimate treehouse! west midlands home built in nine months from timber grown in the backyard cost £275k to build and is now for sale for £795k

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-15
With its unique styling and structure, it can easily appear in the big design of popular TV programs.
Chestnut corner is an ecology
About a decade ago, Kevin and Claire Whittingham built houses in the village of Wordsley, near Stourbridge in West Midlands, and are now on sale for £ 795,000.
The construction cost is expected to be 275,000, and the land of the bungalow next door will follow --
This is where Mr. White tingham was born and where the couple lived when the building happened.
The couple was already in the early stages of building a house on the land when they decided to switch to a more unusual building by using wood from their own woodland.
Mr. Whittingham said: \"We were shocked to learn that the hard wood from our woodlands would turn into cartons.
So we thought, why not build a house without it?
When we do this, let\'s be as sensitive to the environment as possible.
At the back of the house there is a large garden with spectacular views of the countryside, while at the front of the house the houses of other villages are in front of it.
The ground floor of the house is a brick, but the top is an unusual, attractive wood upper.
He also said it was a labor of true love.
We are very proud that we can create such a wonderful and efficient family home from which we are still stimulated.
\"In the nine months after we started building, we were ready and had a few years to finish the finishing touches.
The couple have been reluctant to put the house on the market, but they admit that it is the right time for them to move on.
Mr. Whittingham explained: \"We are here to raise our family and we will be very sad to see it develop because we like it very much, but new challenges are coming.
\"We know that any future buyer will love the house as much as we do, and it is a wonderful, calm, natural place to live with the best of both worlds.
The whole hotel features wooden features, including custom stairs and sweet chestnut balconies. Eco-
Features include solar panels and a 4,500 liter rainwater collection box that provides food, washing machines and external taps for three toilets. The five-
The bedroom detached house has a heat recovery and ventilation circulation system that moves warm air back to the bottom from the top of the House and recovers heat from cooking.
Overall, electricity costs are £ 918 per year, compared to £ 120 for the same period.
The real estate agent explained that the wood on the outside of the building does not need to be maintained because natural Danic acid can protect it.
Jack Binham of the hunters
Real estate agent responsible for sales
He said: \"It must be one of the most interesting houses in the area, unlike anything we have seen before.
\"Both Eco and the local community are writing and always talking about it.
We expect potential buyers to appreciate it for its amazing property.
The main living area is open and has two
Folding doors to the decorative area.
There is a three-garage and a workshop outside, and a beautifully maintained garden with a wide variety of seating and entertainment areas.
These include a brick BBQ with a fire pit and steps leading to a lower courtyard of a fish pond with water features.
Wordsley is a village south of kingsvenford, West Midlands, and north of Stonebridge.
According to the real estate website zoompla, the average house price in the village is 177,942, while the average house price in the whole country is 307,178.
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