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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-27
Sarah Halewood admits that when she sees the house in the Bay of the island and eventually becomes the family home for her and Tony suspension bridge, it\'s hardly love at first sight.
12 years ago, she could remember clearly the scene: \"I was 24 years old and I was very pregnant. my heart was placed on a lovely worker\'s cabin in Newtown.
From my point of view, the Island Bay represents the suburbs and the House is not ticked on my box. It was run-
Down, the design was bad, ignoring the spectacular view.
\"The marketing material for Wellington House, built in 1927, did not even mention the view:\" At that time, the Kalala ceiling was clearly a bigger raffle card, \"she said with a smile.
The couple stayed at home for two years and did not make any improvements before going to London for the second OE.
The house was rented out during the five years they left.
When they came back, any idea of renovation was back in the second line again as the couple was too involved in their business --
Halewood is co-
Owner of catering company and cafe Zuleika Foods, and suspension bridge is common
The boss of a design company
\"We are eager to make some changes, but because we are all just starting our own business, we are not able to do so,\" Halewood said . \".
But three years ago, they decided it was time to renovate the 110sq House.
Halewood and suspension bridge hope the house is built for entertainment to meet the needs of themselves and their two daughters, Freya, now 11 and Stella 5.
They want to open
Plan your life, the chef\'s kitchen and a glass wall with stunning views of the chef\'s Strait.
First, the couple decided to move the front door in order to open it better
Plan the area and leave room for the second bathroom.
The space occupied by the front entrance porch is used as a bathroom.
The Matai floor was retained, and the suspension bridge installed a sink on the Mongolian cabinet.
\"We like the combination of old and new --
And use unusual objects as much as possible . \"
The suspension bridge mother found Mexican tiles covering the walls near the shower in her basement.
His father was the late New Zealand artist John suspension bridge, and the renovation also gave the suspension bridge a chance to unleash his artistic talent. The born-and-
Bred Wellingtonian created several pieces of art for the residence.
Because the couple wanted the glass to run through the entire length behind the house, they had to resort to commercial glass manufacturers to buy the aluminum doors they wanted.
\"We don\'t want double.
Folding doors because vertical lines interfere with the view, \"Halewood said. \"These double-
The glass door slides from both ends and can withstand the worst south of Wellington.
\"The new kitchen takes up the same space as the old one, but Halewood makes sure it\'s more functional.
\"I want wide granite countertops, drawers, not cabinets, and no handles so everything can be integrated seamlessly.
\"The 4 m long clear glass splash-proof board is used to display postcards and photos from around the world.
The couple can lift the glass to change the display when the mood takes them away.
Halewood would also like to open the shelf in the kitchen to showcase the Kartell and Alessi works she has collected over the years, as well as the manual collection
The plate she bought in Notting Hill, London.
Everything on these shelves has a story.
\"Style tipsMake room: try to expand your kitchen space and make sure there is enough space for family and guests to sit there when you hang out in the kitchen.
Surface look: durable, easy-to-
In the next few years, you will enjoy a clean working surface.
Expert help: the help of the kitchen designer is priceless.
Halewood will not consider using Melteca until her kitchen designer shows her the various colors of it.
* Leanne Moore is the editor of your home and garden.
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