How to maintain the solid wood composite door of the lacquer that bake?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-19

spring, autumn, winter, attention should be paid to indoor and ventilated, maintain indoor humidity, make the door in a normal room temperature, prevent solid wood composite door because of the humidity of the lacquer that bake, excessive temperature difference and deformation, slotted, corrosion rust metal parts appear, by the door, the door paint material loss.

the rest often should use hand with tar or other solution on solid wood composite door of the lacquer that bake, so as not to lock discoloration. When you start the solid wood composite door or turn the door handle of the lacquer that bake, don't too hard and decrease the service life of the door lock. Often hinges, locks and other activities of hardware fittings, loose occurs immediately. When the door open, can add right amount at the end of the pencil lead into the keyhole.

when clear wood surface stains, try to use soft cotton cloth to wipe, it is easy to scratch the surface with a hard cloth. When paint stains serious phenomenon such as the area is large, can use neuter cleaner, toothpaste or special cleaning agent, furniture to stains and then dry with a soft cloth to wipe. Note water cloth soaked in neutral reagents or have not long placed in the surface of wooden door, otherwise it will damage the surface, the surface veneer material change color or splitting.

note that don't too much scoured the edges and corners of wooden door, otherwise it will cause angular paint falls off. Often hinges, locks accessories, loose occurs, should immediately tightened, hinge position noise should be filling in time, when the lock open is not flexible, can add pencil lead foam into the keyhole, literally filling.

people hot weather in summer people like to make tea drink, wait for after cooling to the rest of the tea with a soft cloth dipped in it, scrub solid wood composite door plank of door of the lacquer that bake paint can, wipe in the direction of unity, as solid wood composite door paint will return to the light of the lacquer that bake, real wood door plank will be very shiny. If you have any oil, solid wooden door surface can also use hot tea juice can be removed, so you can keep clean.

the people do not want to wash with water can be used at home often put the sewing machine oil on a soft cloth, brush try over and over again on the solid wood composite door of the lacquer that bake, then with dry soft cloth to wipe the real wood door paint will clean like new.

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