race is on to save site of roman chariot track

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-21
Archaeologists are quite excited. in 2005, a group of housing developers discovered the only Roman chariot --
The British circuit is located in Colchester, Essex.
Five years later, residents had less than a month to preserve the site.
The racecourse is still hidden under local roads, gardens and ancient army buildings, but activists want to buy a large Victorian garden that covers key parts of the track.
Buried below are eight stone enclosures that were originally fitted with wooden double doors, just like the giant greyhound racing trap.
The land is the garden of a mess of listed but abandoned petty officers, which will become an exhibition if the campaign succeeds.
However, if it fails, the building will become an apartment and the garden will once again be the private land of the apartment.
Nearly 2,000 years, 350-
The metre profile of the track remains intact.
Until the Colchester Archaeological Trust (CAT)
In 2005, the Defense Ministry began digging after selling military camps.
Archaeological excavations show that the racecourse was built in the early 2nd century and lasted about 150 before it was lost in use, perhaps because the day of the race was too expensive for local nobles-people could enter for free, gifts can also be received.
Since then, CAT has tracked down the perimeter for a long time with bank seats of up to 15,000 people.
The foundation of the starting and ending points was also found, as well as the exquisite fountain used as a circle mark.
Wendy Bailey, chairman of the Destination Colchester, said a 30,000 council contribution had driven a campaign.
\"It really attracts the imagination of ordinary locals,\" she told the Guardian . \".
\"We are doing a fundraiser at the local football field, and a man said, \'This is like their football for the people at the time.
We are very grateful to the Council, but I still don\'t think the authorities responsible for protecting it really know how important this heritage is to the locals.
\"Tony Robinson, the actor and host of Channel 4 Time Team, and Tony Ben, the politician, and Dan krokshenk, the historian, all supported the campaign.
Mr. Robinson said the circus was an incredible discovery.
\"I hope that the local people, politicians and businesses will all do their best to ensure as much local security as possible, including the start-up booth, and to facilitate future generations.
\"If the candidate is going to buy the land and get it out of the market, they need to find £ 200,000 by the end of February.
The sergeant canteen building, which they hope to be bought by the Archaeological Trust and community groups and business consortia, will cost £ 550,000 or more and 120,000 so far, in just a few weeks, almost entirely in small donations to the public.
Colchester United showed campaign posters on their screens in a recent match.
Chariot racing is very popular among Romanians, as Charlton Heston adapted from the film-
But only four footprints were found in the north.
The western provinces of the old empire.
Colchester, once the capital of Rome and Britain, now claims to be the oldest town in Britain.
The Roman garrison in the town will bring enthusiasm to the audience.
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