the ‘art in her heart’ award goes to…

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-12
Because even her bathroom has art.
Because even her bathroom has art.
Wall and door decorated with Chota Peg and Bada Peg
Miller\'s early color faucets were disguised as clothes nails.
Old wooden comb on shower and T-shirt
A brightly colored shirt hangs behind the door.
\"This is my first freehand project at the Academy of Art.
I\'m very excited about the experiment and as a student, we can\'t afford anything but what we have, \"she recalls her start with a mix of media artists from textile designers to today.
Papier mache\'s face and hands, which were non-physical, crouched on crates that used to have air conditioning, have now become Display cabinets.
Because, as she cleverly says, \"Art is like my way of life \".
Her recent exhibition, \"Winter solstice and equinox\", opened in the city last month and is now traveling in Delhi, and every corner of her home is filled with paintings of blue and sunset red.
\"I draw every day.
When I draw, I live spontaneously.
No plan.
There are always a lot of things happening in my life, just like the activities in my paintings.
\"Because being a career-driven artist, there is no way to get in the way of her equally demanding and cherished role as a mother of fourteen and eleven --year-old daughter.
\"I need to water the plants,\" she sighed --do list.
\"My daughter told me that they needed watering, but of course she wouldn\'t.
After all, that\'s why mothers are here, right? \"she said with a smile.
Because she felt that she was committed to bringing gratifying changes to our urban landscape.
Whether it\'s a mural of Prince Ali Khan hospital, Byculla, avant-garde police chowky drawn by disabled children, or a public exhibition space developed by Kara Goda.
\"Everyone is responsible for society, and that\'s how I pay off my debt.
We drew a police officer, chowky, and recently I \'ve heard that more people have come together to do similar projects.
Imagine that one of our small initiatives could spark broader interest, \"she said.
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