Buy the door to do how to judge the quality of the door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-26

now the wooden door of more and more popular, various types of door, wooden door manufacturer to buy share door below for how to determine the quality of the door?

1, buy the door: strengths - - - - - - - Appearance beautiful, exquisite craftsmanship, environmental protection. The door of the relatively buy more environmentally friendly. Due to the mechanization of plank are batch procurement, ordinary will be placed a period of time longer processing, so conducive to formaldehyde evaporation. Other track factory will pay attention to the environmental protection plate.

2, to make the door, the door of the decoration workers do the price cheap, right across the hall style families with special requirements. Do the primary data is big core board door, many families decorate pollution origin is big core board use too much, so must pay attention to the environmental protection board function.

3, noise: can choose real wood door in the thickness of the door, can also with handle gently knocking at the door, if sound even boredom, clarify the door quality is better.

4, component: the higher the share of ordinary wood real wood, the door is heavy. If it is pure real wood door, appearance of speckle is very irregular. As in the past, door markings lubrication neat appearance beautiful, often is real real wood door.

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