The performance of the paint door

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-01

the lacquer that bake a facade layer USES the natural precious wood veneer, wood grain clear, natural, vivid, simple sense is luxurious, cut the timber to plane surface, the entrance of the paint on the PU paint at the same time, in the bottom of the four sides solidified the most thorough surface treatment, so luxurious texture, solid wood composite painting wooden door has formed unique style of self, self characteristic, in the industry come to the fore. Environmental protection solid wood composite painting in produce process to eliminate the urine aldehyde plastic, wooden door and with real wood and wood veneer as the main raw material, so the formaldehyde content is only 0. 4 mg/L, far ahead in the tribes of solid wood composite painting wood door industry. Make solid wood composite wood form the deformation of the lacquer that bake, contractive, not bending, not fission, moisture, etc.

all made a plate (without opening free, outside a 0. Density board; Is between fir wood square keel, keel refers to the joint board, high density board again outside the post or plywood panel; Internal use whole zhangqiao arch board, fir refers to meet board, tooth plate, put a layer of high density board outside. Solid wood composite painting door all through the strict dry processing of raw materials, adopt scientific and reasonable form of composite door is made of high quality raw material and improving senior process, high temperature and high pressure molding, to avoid the deformation caused by temperature and bending, make it have good sound insulation, heat insulation, moistureproof, shock function of real wood door of the lacquer that bake is drawn from the natural log of the forest to make the door core, solid wood painting door through dry processing, and then by cutting, shaving, tenon, eyelet, high-speed milling process such as science. Function not disorderly because real wood is compound wood base material of the lacquer that bake using secondary drying of solid wood, and the sealing characteristics of the PU paint. Dust-free spray paint room USES solid wood composite painting wooden door at the same time, spraying PU paint factory, so the construction site without a breath of benzene, and other toxic gases, no smell of paint.

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